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Disable Mounting of udf Filesystems The udf filesystem type is the universal disk format used to implement ISO/IEC 13346 and ECMA-167 specifications. This is an open vendor filesystem type for data storage on a broad range of media. This filesystem type is necessary to support writing DVDs and newer optical disc formats.

Disable Prelink The prelinking feature changes binaries in an attempt to decrease their startup time.

Set Password Expiring Warning Days The PASS_WARN_AGE parameter in /etc/login.defs allows an administrator to notify users that their password will expire in a defined number of days. It is recommended that the PASS_WARN_AGE parameter be set to 7 or more days.

Install the rsyslog package The rsyslog package is a third party package that provides many enhancements to syslog, such as multi-threading, TCP communication, message filtering and data base support.

Record Events That Modify the System's Mandatory Access Controls Monitor SELinux mandatory access controls. The parameters below monitor any write access (potential additional, deletion or modification of files in the directory) or attribute changes to the /etc/selinux directory.

Set Default umask for Users The default umask determines the permissions of files created by users. The user creating the file has the discretion of making their files and directories readable by others via the chmod command. Users who wish to allow their files and directories to be readable by others by default may choose a different default umask by inserting the umask command into the standard ...

Accept Remote rsyslog Messages Only on Designated Log Hosts By default, rsyslog does not listen for log messages coming in from remote systems. The ModLoad tells rsyslog to load the imtcp.so module so it can listen over a network via TCP. The InputTCPServerRun option instructs rsyslogd to listen on the specified TCP port.

Disable IP Forwarding The net.ipv4.ip_forward flag is used to tell the server whether it can forward packets or not. If the server is not to be used as a router, set the flag to 0.

Disable Source Routed Packet Acceptance In networking, source routing allows a sender to partially or fully specify the route packets take through a network. In contrast, non-source routed packets travel a path determined by routers in the network. In some cases, systems may not be routable or reachable from some locations (e.g. private addresses vs. Internet routable), and so source routed packe ...

Disable System on Audit Log Full The auditd daemon can be configured to halt the system when the audit logs are full.

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