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The required permissions for the file %SystemRoot%\System32\netsh.exe should be assigned.

The "account lockout duration" policy should meet minimum requirements.

Use of the built-in Guest account should be enabled or disabled as appropriate.

The "Turn Off Internet File Association Service" setting should be configured correctly.

Create /etc/hosts.deny (Not Scored) The /etc/hosts.deny file specifies which IP addresses are not permitted to connect to the host. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the /etc/hosts.allow file.

Keep All Auditing Information Normally, auditd will hold 4 logs of maximum log file size before deleting older log files.

Disable SCTP The Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) is a transport layer protocol used to support message oriented communication, with several streams of messages in one connection. It serves a similar function as TCP and UDP, incorporating features of both. It is message-oriented like UDP, and ensures reliable in-sequence transport of messages with congestion control like TCP.

Make the Audit Configuration Immutable "Set system audit so that audit rules cannot be modified with auditctl. Setting the flag ""-e 2"" forces audit to be put in immutable mode. Audit changes can only be made on system reboot."

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