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Arlo Basestation firmware and prior firmware contain a networking misconfiguration that allows access to restricted network interfaces. This could allow an attacker to upload or download arbitrary files and possibly execute malicious code on the device.

Arlo Basestation firmware and prior contain a hardcoded username and password combination that allows root access to the device when an onboard serial interface is connected to.

In PrestaShop before RC2, the id_address_delivery and id_address_invoice parameters are affected by an Insecure Direct Object Reference vulnerability due to a guessable value sent to the web application during checkout. An attacker could leak personal customer information. This is PrestaShop bug #14444.

An issue was discovered in OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS) 3.0.2. Use of X.Filename instead of X_Filename can bypass some PHP Script Uploads rules, because PHP automatically transforms dots into underscores in certain contexts where dots are invalid.

In the Zoom Client through 4.4.4 and RingCentral 7.0.136380.0312 on macOS, remote attackers can force a user to join a video call with the video camera active. This occurs because any web site can interact with the Zoom web server on localhost port 19421 or 19424. NOTE: a machine remains vulnerable if the Zoom Client was installed in the past and then uninstalled. Blocking exploitation requires ad ...

ImageMagick 7.0.8-54 Q16 allows Division by Zero in RemoveDuplicateLayers in MagickCore/layer.c.

In the Zoom Client before 4.4.2 on macOS, remote attackers can cause a denial of service (continual focus grabs) via a sequence of invalid launch?action=join&confno= requests to localhost port 19421.

/web/Lib/Action/IndexAction.class.php in D-Link Central WiFi Manager CWM(100) before v1.03R0100_BETA6 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code via a cookie because a cookie's username field allows eval injection, and an empty password bypasses authentication.

WolfVision Cynap before 1.30j uses a static, hard-coded cryptographic secret for generating support PINs for the 'forgot password' feature. By knowing this static secret and the corresponding algorithm for calculating support PINs, an attacker can reset the ADMIN password and thus gain remote access.

In WESEEK GROWI before 3.5.0, a remote attacker can obtain the password hash of the creator of a page by leveraging wiki access to make API calls for page metadata. In other words, the password hash can be retrieved even though it is not a publicly available field.

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