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There is a few bytes out-of-bounds read vulnerability in some Huawei products. The software reads data past the end of the intended buffer when parsing certain message, an authenticated attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending crafted messages to the device. Successful exploit may cause service abnormal in specific scenario.Affected product versions include:AR120-S versions V200R007C00 ...

An Insecure Temporary File vulnerability in FortiClient for Windows 6.2.1 and below may allow a local user to gain elevated privileges via exhausting the pool of temporary file names combined with a symbolic link attack.

There is an improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in an SQL Command (SQL Injection) vulnerability in php files of GESIO ERP. GESIO ERP all versions prior to 11.2 allows malicious users to retrieve all database information.

Pi-hole Web v4.3.2 (aka AdminLTE) allows Remote Code Execution by privileged dashboard users via a crafted DHCP static lease.

Insecure storage of sensitive information in ABB Device Library Wizard versions 6.0.X, and allows unauthenticated low privilege user to read file that contains confidential data

serialize-javascript prior to 3.1.0 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary code via the function "deleteFunctions" within "index.js".

VMware Cloud Director 10.0.x before, 9.7.0.x before, 9.5.0.x before, and 9.1.0.x before do not properly handle input leading to a code injection vulnerability. An authenticated actor may be able to send malicious traffic to VMware Cloud Director which may lead to arbitrary remote code execution. This vulnerability can be exploited through the HTML5- and Flex-based ...

Apache Ant 1.1 to 1.9.14 and 1.10.0 to 1.10.7 uses the default temporary directory identified by the Java system property java.io.tmpdir for several tasks and may thus leak sensitive information. The fixcrlf and replaceregexp tasks also copy files from the temporary directory back into the build tree allowing an attacker to inject modified source files into the build process.

Honor 9X smartphones with versions earlier than have an improper authentication vulnerability. A logic error occurs when handling clock function, an attacker should do a series of crafted operations quickly before the phone is unlocked, successful exploit could allow the attacker to access clock information without unlock the phone.

HUAWEI Mate 20 smartphones with versions earlier than have an improper authorization vulnerability. The system does not properly restrict certain operation in ADB mode, successful exploit could allow certain user break the limit of digital balance function.

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