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The forDNN.UsersExportImport module before 1.2.0 for DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) allows an unprivileged user to import (create) new users with Administrator privileges, as demonstrated by Roles="Administrators" in XML or CSV data.

USG9500 with versions of V500R001C30SPC100, V500R001C30SPC200, V500R001C30SPC600, V500R001C60SPC500, V500R005C00SPC100, V500R005C00SPC200 have an information leakage vulnerability. Due to improper processing of the initialization vector used in a specific encryption algorithm, an attacker who gains access to this cryptographic primitive may exploit this vulnerability to cause the value of the conf ...

There is a use-after-free issue in all samba 4.9.x versions before 4.9.18, all samba 4.10.x versions before 4.10.12 and all samba 4.11.x versions before 4.11.5, essentially due to a call to realloc() while other local variables still point at the original buffer.

The host is installed with samba version 4.x and is prone to a use after free vulnerability. A flaw is present in samba which fails to handle an issue in DNS zone scavenging. An unauthenticated attacker could read memory after it has been freed.

samba: SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix Several security issues were fixed in Samba.

log.c in Squid Analysis Report Generator (sarg) through 2.3.11 allows local privilege escalation. By default, it uses a fixed temporary directory /tmp/sarg. As the root user, sarg creates this directory or reuses an existing one in an insecure manner. An attacker can pre-create the directory, and place symlinks in it (after winning a /tmp/sarg/denied.int_unsort race condition). The outcome will be ...

A vulnerability in WhatsApp Desktop versions prior to 0.3.9309 when paired with WhatsApp for iPhone versions prior to 2.20.10 allows cross-site scripting and local file reading. Exploiting the vulnerability requires the victim to click a link preview from a specially crafted text message.

The Meinberg SyncBox/PTP/PTPv2 devices have default SSH keys which allow attackers to get root access to the devices. All firmware versions up to v5.34o, v5.34s, v5.32* or 5.34g are affected. The private key is also used in an internal interface of another Meinberg Device and can be extracted from a firmware update of this device. An update to fix the vulnerability was published by the vendor.

In SaltStack Salt through 2019.2.0, the salt-api NET API with the ssh client enabled is vulnerable to command injection. This allows an unauthenticated attacker with network access to the API endpoint to execute arbitrary code on the salt-api host.

Cacti through 1.2.7 is affected by a graphs.php?template_id= SQL injection vulnerability affecting how template identifiers are handled when a string and id composite value are used to identify the template type and id. An authenticated attacker can exploit this to extract data from the database, or an unauthenticated remote attacker could exploit this via Cross-Site Request Forgery.

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