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Project for parent pom for all Jackson components.

Parent pom for Jackson binary dataformats.

Core annotations used for value types, used by Jackson data-binding package.

Core part of Jackson that defines Streaming API as well as basic shared abstractions.

The Linux Tools project is a two-faceted project. Firstly, it develops tools and frameworks for writing tools for Linux developers. Secondly, it provides a place for Linux distributions to collaboratively overcome issues surrounding distribution packaging of Eclipse technology. The project will produce both best practices and tools related to packaging.

This is a multi-module project that contains Jackson-based JAX-RS providers for following data formats: JSON, Smile , XML, CBOR , YAML.

Jackson "base" modules: modules that build directly on databind, and are not data-type, data format, or JAX-RS provider modules.

Data format extension for Jackson to offer alternative support for serializing POJOs as XML and deserializing XML as POJOs. Support implemented on top of Stax API , by implementing core Jackson Streaming API types like JsonGenerator, JsonParser and JsonFactory. Some data-binding types overridden as well .

Add-on module for to support JSON Schema version 3 generation.

improper polymorphic deserialization of types from Oracle JDBC driver

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