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On D-Link DIR-859 A3-1.06 and DIR-850 A1.13 devices, /etc/services/DEVICE.TIME.php allows command injection via the $SERVER variable.

D-Link DIR-846 devices with firmware 100A35 allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary OS commands as root by leveraging admin access and sending a /HNAP1/ request for SetMasterWLanSettings with shell metacharacters to /squashfs-root/www/HNAP1/control/SetMasterWLanSettings.php.

There are some web interfaces without authentication requirements on D-Link DIR-868L B1-2.03 and DIR-817LW A1-1.04 routers. An attacker can get the router's username and password (and other information) via SERVICES=DEVICE.ACCOUNT&AUTHORIZED_GROUP=1%0a to getcfg.php. This could be used to control the router remotely.

An issue was discovered on D-Link DIR-816 A1 1.06 devices. An attacker could access management pages of the router via a client that ignores the 'top.location.href = "/dir_login.asp"' line in a .asp file. This provides access to d_status.asp, version.asp, d_dhcptbl.asp, and d_acl.asp.

An issue was discovered in Kirona Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) A reflected Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script via the /osm/report/ password parameter.

D-Link DAP-1320 A2-V1.21 routers have some web interfaces without authentication requirements, as demonstrated by uplink_info.xml. An attacker can remotely obtain a user's Wi-Fi SSID and password, which could be used to connect to Wi-Fi or perform a dictionary attack.

An issue was discovered in Kirona Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) An unauthenticated user can access /osm/REGISTER.cmd (aka /osm_tiles/REGISTER.cmd) directly: it contains sensitive information about the database through the SQL queries within this batch file. This file exposes SQL database information such as database version, table name, column name, etc.

Centreon 19.04 allows attackers to execute arbitrary OS commands via the Command Line field of main.php?p=60807&type=4 (aka the Configuration > Commands > Discovery screen).

Hydra through 0.1.8 has a NULL pointer dereference and daemon crash when processing POST requests that lack a Content-Length header. read.c, request.c, and util.c contribute to this. The process_header_end() function calls boa_atoi(), which ultimately calls atoi() on a NULL pointer.

The setter.xml component of the Common Gateway Interface on Compal CH7465LG devices does not properly validate ping command arguments, which allows remote authenticated users to execute OS commands as root via shell metacharacters in the Target_IP parameter.

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