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Set SSH IgnoreRhosts to Yes The IgnoreRhosts parameter specifies that .rhosts and .shosts files will not be used in RhostsRSAAuthentication or HostbasedAuthentication.

Set SSH HostbasedAuthentication to No The HostbasedAuthentication parameter specifies if authentication is allowed through trusted hosts via the user of .rhosts, or /etc/hosts.equiv, along with successful public key client host authentication. This option only applies to SSH Protocol Version 2.

Set SSH PermitEmptyPasswords to No The PermitEmptyPasswords parameter specifies if the server allows login to accounts with empty password strings.

Set Idle Timeout Interval for User Login The two options ClientAliveInterval and ClientAliveCountMax control the timeout of ssh sessions. When the ClientAliveInterval variable is set, ssh sessions that have no activity for the specified length of time are terminated. When the ClientAliveCountMax variable is set, sshd will send client alive messages at every ClientAliveInterval interval. When the ...

Set SSH Banner The Banner parameter specifies a file whose contents must be sent to the remote user before authentication is permitted. By default, no banner is displayed.

Restrict root Login to System Console The file /etc/securetty contains a list of valid terminals that may be logged in directly as root.

Install and Enable auditd Service Install and turn on the auditd daemon to record system events.

Disable Mounting of cramfs Filesystems (Not Scored) The cramfs filesystem type is a compressed read-only Linux filesystem embedded in small footprint systems. A cramfs image can be used without having to first decompress the image.

Disable Mounting of freevxfs Filesystems (Not Scored) The freevxfs filesystem type is a free version of the Veritas type filesystem. This is the primary filesystem type for HP-UX operating systems.

Disable Mounting of jffs2 Filesystems (Not Scored) The jffs2 (journaling flash filesystem 2) filesystem type is a log-structured filesystem used in flash memory devices.

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