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Disables personalized menus. Windows personalizes long menus by moving recently used items to the top of the menu and hiding items that have not been used recently. Users can display the hidden items by clicking an arrow to extend the menu. If you enable this setting, the system does not personalize menus. All menu items appear and remain in standard order. Also, this setting removes the Use Per ...

Prevents the operating system and installed programs from creating and displaying shortcuts to recently opened documents. If you enable this setting, the system and Windows programs do not create shortcuts to documents opened while the setting is in effect. Also, they retain but do not display existing document shortcuts. The system empties the Recent Items menu on the Start menu, and Windows pro ...

HP LaserJet 2430, and possibly other printers that use Jetdirect controls, stores information about recently printed documents without proper protection, which could allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information via SNMP.

The password assistant in Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.4.2, when used to create multiple accounts from the same process, does not reset the suggested password list when the assistant is displayed, which allows attackers to view recently used passwords.

The Cisco VPN 5000 Client for MacOS before 5.2.2 records the most recently used login password in plaintext when saving "Default Connection" settings, which could allow local users to gain privileges.

The System V (SYS5) shared memory implementation for Linux kernel before 2.2.19 could allow attackers to modify recently freed memory.

read-passwd and other Lisp functions in Emacs 20 do not properly clear the history of recently typed keys, which allows an attacker to read unencrypted passwords.

"Interactive logon: Require Domain Controller authentication to unlock workstation" Logon information is required to unlock a locked computer. For domain accounts, the Interactive logon: Require Domain Controller authentication to unlock workstation setting determines whether it is necessary to contact a domain controller to unlock a computer. If you enable this setting, a domain controller must ...

"Configure time out for detections in recently remediated state" This policy setting configures the time in minutes before a detection in the "completed" state moves to the "cleared" state. Vulnerability: Disabling or not configuring this setting causes a detection in the "completed" state to move to the "cleared" state at the default time in minutes, ...

Do not keep history of recently opened documents

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