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Vite is a website frontend framework. When Vite's HTML transformation is invoked manually via `server.transformIndexHtml`, the original request URL is passed in unmodified, and the `html` being transformed contains inline module scripts (`<script type="module">...</script>`), it is possible to inject arbitrary HTML into the transformed output by supplying a malicious URL query string to `server.tr ...

Information disclosure in SMU in Hitachi Vantara HNAS 14.8.7825.01 on Windows allows authenticated users to download sensitive files via Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR).

Delta Electronics��DOPSoft is vulnerable to a stack-based buffer overflow, which may allow for arbitrary code execution if an attacker can lead a legitimate user to execute a specially crafted file.

A reflected XSS vulnerability allows an open redirect when the victim clicks a malicious link to an error page on Sophos Email Appliance older than version

Failure to validate the AMD SMM communication buffer may allow an attacker to corrupt the SMRAM potentially leading to arbitrary code execution.

Improper access control in System Management Mode (SMM) may allow an attacker to write to SPI ROM potentially leading to arbitrary code execution.

The TETRA TA61 identity encryption function internally uses a 64-bit value derived exclusively from the SCK (Class 2 networks) or CCK (Class 3 networks). The structure of TA61 allows for efficient recovery of this 64-bit value, allowing an adversary to encrypt or decrypt arbitrary identities given only three known encrypted/unencrypted identity pairs.

Remote code execution

Remote code execution

Elevation of privilege

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