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The software does not handle or incorrectly handles when a particular element is not the expected type, e.g. it expects a digit (0-9) but is provided with a letter (A-Z).

The program calls a function that can never be guaranteed to work safely.

The program uses the chroot() system call to create a jail, but does not change the working directory afterward. This does not prevent access to files outside of the jail.

Using realloc() to resize buffers that store sensitive information can leave the sensitive information exposed to attack, because it is not removed from memory.

The J2EE application directly manages connections, instead of using the container's connection management facilities.

The J2EE application directly uses sockets instead of using framework method calls.

Attackers can spoof DNS entries. Do not rely on DNS names for security.

An exception is thrown from a function, but it is not caught.

This entry has been deprecated because of name confusion and an accidental combination of multiple weaknesses. Most of its content has been transferred to CWE-785.

The software uses external input to construct a pathname that should be within a restricted directory, but it does not properly neutralize "/../" sequences that can resolve to a location that is outside of that directory.

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