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GoPro gpmf-parser through 1.5 has a stack out-of-bounds write vulnerability in GPMF_ExpandComplexTYPE(). Parsing malicious input can result in a crash or potentially arbitrary code execution.

In JetBrains YouTrack before 2020.2.10514, SSRF is possible because URL filtering can be escaped.

tiki-login.php in Tiki before 21.2 sets the admin password to a blank value after 50 invalid login attempts.

When multiple WASM threads had a reference to a module, and were looking up exported functions, one WASM thread could have overwritten another's entry in a shared stub table, resulting in a potentially exploitable crash. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 82.

When a link to an external protocol was clicked, a prompt was presented that allowed the user to choose what application to open it in. An attacker could induce that prompt to be associated with an origin they didn't control, resulting in a spoofing attack. This was fixed by changing external protocol prompts to be tab-modal while also ensuring they could not be incorrectly associated with a diffe ...

Mozilla developers reported memory safety bugs present in Firefox 81. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption and we presume that with enough effort some of these could have been exploited to run arbitrary code. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 82.

Parse Server (npm package parse-server) broadcasts events to all clients without checking if the session token is valid. This allows clients with expired sessions to still receive subscription objects. It is not possible to create subscription objects with invalid session tokens. The issue is not patched.

If a valid external protocol handler was referenced in an image tag, the resulting broken image size could be distinguished from a broken image size of a non-existent protocol handler. This allowed an attacker to successfully probe whether an external protocol handler was registered. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 82.

In platform before version 9.4.4, inline attributes are not properly escaped. If the data that came from users was not escaped, then an XSS vulnerability is possible. The issue was introduced in 9.0.0 and fixed in 9.4.4.

The Boxstarter installer before version 2.13.0 configures C:\ProgramData\Boxstarter to be in the system-wide PATH environment variable. However, this directory is writable by normal, unprivileged users. To exploit the vulnerability, place a DLL in this directory that a privileged service is looking for. For example, WptsExtensions.dll When Windows starts, it'll execute the code in DllMain() with S ...

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