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Collect Successful File System Mounts Monitor the use of the mount system call. The mount (and umount) system call controls the mounting and unmounting of file systems. The parameters below configure the system to create an audit record when the mount system call is used by a non-privileged user

Install TCP Wrappers TCP Wrappers provides a simple access list and standardized logging method for services capable of supporting it. In the past, services that were called from inetd and xinetd supported the use of tcp wrappers. As inetd and xinetd have been falling in disuse, any service that can support tcp wrappers will have the libwrap.so library attached to it.

Enable Ignore Broadcast Requests Setting net.ipv4.icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts to 1 will cause the system to ignore all ICMP echo and timestamp requests to broadcast and multicast addresses.

Log Suspicious Packets When enabled, this feature logs packets with un-routable source addresses to the kernel log.

Enable Randomized Virtual Memory Region Placement Set the system flag to force randomized virtual memory region placement.

Limit Access via SSH There are several options available to limit which users and group can access the system via SSH. It is recommended that at least one of the following options be leveraged: AllowUsers The AllowUsers variable gives the system administrator the option of allowing specific users to ssh into the system. The list consists of comma separated user names. Numeric userIDs are not reco ...

Disable Mounting of freevxfs Filesystems The freevxfs filesystem type is a free version of the Veritas type filesystem. This is the primary filesystem type for HP-UX operating systems.

Collect Unsuccessful Unauthorized Access Attempts to Files "Monitor for unsuccessful attempts to access files. The parameters below are associated with system calls that control creation (creat), opening (open, openat) and truncation (truncate, ftruncate) of files. An audit log record will only be written if the user is a non- privileged user (auid > = 500), is not a Daemon event (auid=4294967295 ...

Lock Inactive User Accounts User accounts that have been inactive for over a given period of time can be automatically disabled. It is recommended that accounts that are inactive for 35 or more days be disabled.

Collect Kernel Module Loading and Unloading "Monitor the loading and unloading of kernel modules. The programs insmod (install a kernel module), rmmod (remove a kernel module), and modprobe (a more sophisticated program to load and unload modules, as well as some other features) control loading and unloading of modules. The init_module (load a module) and delete_module (delete a module) system ca ...

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