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CVE-2023-20198Date: (C)2023-10-17   (M)2023-11-24

Cisco is providing an update for the ongoing investigation into observed exploitation of the web UI feature in Cisco IOS XE Software. We are updating the list of fixed releases and adding the Software Checker. Our investigation has determined that the actors exploited two previously unknown issues. The attacker first exploited CVE-2023-20198 to gain initial access and issued a privilege 15 command to create a local user and password combination. This allowed the user to log in with normal user access. The attacker then exploited another component of the web UI feature, leveraging the new local user to elevate privilege to root and write the implant to the file system. Cisco has assigned CVE-2023-20273 to this issue. CVE-2023-20198 has been assigned a CVSS Score of 10.0. CVE-2023-20273 has been assigned a CVSS Score of 7.2. Both of these CVEs are being tracked by CSCwh87343.

CVSS Score and Metrics +CVSS Score and Metrics -

CVSS V3 Severity:CVSS V2 Severity:
CVSS Score : 10.0CVSS Score :
Exploit Score: 3.9Exploit Score:
Impact Score: 6.0Impact Score:
CVSS V3 Metrics:CVSS V2 Metrics:
Attack Vector: NETWORKAccess Vector:
Attack Complexity: LOWAccess Complexity:
Privileges Required: NONEAuthentication:
User Interaction: NONEConfidentiality:
Scope: CHANGEDIntegrity:
Confidentiality: HIGHAvailability:
Integrity: HIGH 
Availability: HIGH 

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