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Damien Diederen discovered that SASL quorum peer authentication within Zookeeper, a service for maintaining configuration information, was insufficiently enforced in some configurations.

Two security issues have been discovered in the Open VMware Tools, which could result in privilege escalation.

Two remotely exploitable security vulnerabilities were discovered in Jetty 9, a Java based web server and servlet engine. The HTTP/2 protocol implementation did not sufficiently verify if HPACK header values exceed their size limit. Furthermore the HTTP/2 protocol allowed a denial of service because request cancellation can reset many streams quickly. This problem is also known as Rapid Reset Att ...

It was reported that incorrect bound checks in the dsaVerify function in node-browserify-sign, a Node.js library which adds crypto signing for browsers, allows an attacker to perform signature forgery attacks by constructing signatures that can be successfully verified by any public key.

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Request Tracker, an extensible trouble-ticket tracking system. CVE-2023-41259 Tom Wolters reported that Request Tracker is vulnerable to accepting unvalidated RT email headers in incoming email and the mail-gateway REST interface. CVE-2023-41260 Tom Wolters reported that Request Tracker is vulnerable to information leakage via response messages retu ...

Multiple security issues were discovered in Thunderbird, which could result in denial of service or the execution of arbitrary code.

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the OpenJDK Java runtime, which may result in bypass of sandbox restrictions or denial of service.

An important security issue was discovered in Chromium, which could result in the execution of arbitrary code, denial of service or information disclosure.

Multiple security issues have been found in the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which could potentially result in the execution of arbitrary code, clickjacking, spoofing or information leaks.

Jan-Niklas Sohn discovered several vulnerabilities in the Xorg X server, which may result in privilege escalation if the X server is running privileged.

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