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The host is missing a security update according to MFSA 2014-90. The update is required to fix an information disclosure vulnerability. A flaw is present in the OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), in which logging was turned on by default for some applications that use a custom memory allocator. Successful exploitation allows attackers to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and other inpu ...

The host is missing a security update according to Mozilla advisory, MFSA 2012-89. The update is required to fix a security bypass vulnerability. The flaws are present in the applications, which fail to properly handle access to the Location object. Successful exploitation could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code.

Security researcher Mariusz Mlynski reported that it is possible to compile a user-defined function in the XBL scope of a specific element and then trigger an event within this scope to run code. In some circumstances, when this code is run, it can access content protected by System Only Wrappers (SOW) and chrome-privileged pages. This could potentially lead to arbitrary code execution. Additiona ...

Mozilla security researcher moz_bug_r_a4 reported that XrayWrappers can be bypassed to call content-defined toString and valueOf methods through DefaultValue . This can lead to unexpected behavior when privileged code acts on the incorrect values.

Mozilla developer Boris Zbarsky reported that user-defined getters on DOM proxies would incorrectly get the expando object as this . It is unlikely that this is directly exploitable but could lead to JavaScript client or add-on code making incorrect security sensitive decisions based on hacker supplied values.

Security researcher Nils reported a potentially exploitable use-after-free in an early test version of Firefox 25. Mozilla developer Bobby Holley found that the cause was an older garbage collection bug that a more recent change made easier to trigger.

Yazan Tommalieh discovered a flaw that once users have viewed the default Firefox start page (about:home), subsequent pages they navigate to in that same tab could use script to activate the buttons that were on the about:home page. Most of these simply open Firefox dialogs such as Settings or History, which might alarm users. In some cases a malicious page could trigger session restore and cause ...

Security researcher John Thomson discovered a memory corruption in the Cairo graphics library during font rendering of a PDF file for display. This memory corruption leads to a potentially exploitable crash and to a denial of service (DOS). This issues is not able to be triggered in a default configuration and would require a malicious extension to be installed.

Security researcher Robert Kugler reported in 2012 that when a specifically named DLL file on a Windows computer is placed in the default downloads directory with the Firefox installer, the Firefox installer will load this DLL file when it is launched. Mozilla developers Brian Bondy and Robert Strong then discovered that the stub installer was vulnerable to this same issue with a number of DLL ...

The host is missing a security update according to Mozilla advisory, MFSA 2012-59. The update is required to fix a cross site scripting vulnerability. A flaw is present in the applications, which fails to use the Object.defineProperty method to shadow the location object. Successful exploitation could allow attackers to conduct cross scripting attacks.

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