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This policy setting controls the level of validation a computer with shared folders or printers performs on the service principal name provided by the client computer when it establishes a session using the server message block (SMB) protocol

This is an advanced security setting for the Windows Firewall that you can use to allow unicast responses on computers running Windows Vista or later.

Enable: 'Prevent device metadata retrieval from internet'

This policy setting determines whether an anonymous user can request security identifier (SID) attributes for another user, or use a SID to obtain its corresponding user name.

Turn off handwriting personalization data sharing

Enable: 'Turn Off Internet Connection Wizard if URL Connection is Referring to Microsoft.com'

Media Player is configured to allow automatic checking for updates

Enable: 'Troubleshooting: Allow user to access online troubleshooting content on Microsoft servers from the Troubleshooting Control Panel (via Windows Online Troubleshooting Service - WOTS)'

Enable: 'Prohibit Access of the Windows Connect Now Wizards'

Use this option to specify the path and name of the file in which Windows Firewall will write its log information.

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