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HuffmanTree_makeFromFrequencies in lodepng.c in LodePNG through 2019-09-28, as used in WinPR in FreeRDP and other products, has a memory leak because a supplied realloc pointer (i.e., the first argument to realloc) is also used for a realloc return value.

Genesys PureEngage Digital (eServices) 8.1.x allows XSS via HtmlChatPanel.jsp or HtmlChatFrameSet.jsp (ActionColor, ClientNickNameColor, Email, email, or email_address parameter).

vBulletin through 5.5.4 mishandles custom avatars.

vBulletin before 5.5.4 allows clickjacking.

Netreo OmniCenter through 12.1.1 allows unauthenticated SQL Injection (Boolean Based Blind) in the redirect parameters and parameter name of the login page through a GET request. The injection allows an attacker to read sensitive information from the database used by the application.

An issue was discovered in Zoho ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus before 5.0.1 5012. An exposed service allows a basic user ("Operator" access level) to access the configuration file of the mail server (except for the password).

In libopenmpt before 0.3.19 and 0.4.x before 0.4.9, ModPlug_InstrumentName and ModPlug_SampleName in libopenmpt_modplug.c do not restrict the lengths of libmodplug output-buffer strings in the C API, leading to a buffer overflow.

Koji through 1.18.0 allows remote Directory Traversal, with resultant Privilege Escalation.

In Centreon VM through 19.04.3, the cookie configuration within the Apache HTTP Server does not protect against theft because the HTTPOnly flag is not set.

An XSS vulnerability in project list in OpenProject before 9.0.4 and 10.x before 10.0.2 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the sortBy parameter because error messages are mishandled.

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