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PKCE support is not implemented in accordance with the RFC for OAuth 2.0 for Native Apps. Without the use of PKCE, the authorization code returned by an authorization server is not enough to guarantee that the client that issued the initial authorization request is the one that will be authorized. An attacker is able to obtain the authorization code using a malicious app on the client-side and use ...

Incorrect handling of Upgrade header with the value websocket leads in crashing of containers hosting sockjs apps. This affects the package sockjs before 0.3.20.

Data is truncated wrong when its length is greater than 255 bytes.

In FreeBSD 12.1-STABLE before r359565, 12.1-RELEASE before p7, 11.4-STABLE before r362975, 11.4-RELEASE before p1, and 11.3-RELEASE before p11, missing synchronization in the IPV6_2292PKTOPTIONS socket option set handler contained a race condition allowing a malicious application to modify memory after being freed, possibly resulting in code execution.

In FreeBSD 12.1-STABLE before r362281, 11.4-STABLE before r362281, and 11.4-RELEASE before p1, long values in the user-controlled PATH environment variable cause posix_spawnp to write beyond the end of the heap allocated stack possibly leading to arbitrary code execution.

NVIDIA Virtual GPU Manager contains a vulnerability in the vGPU plugin, in which local pointer variables are not initialized and may be freed later, which may lead to tampering or denial of service. This affects vGPU version 8.x (prior to 8.4), version 9.x (prior to 9.4) and version 10.x (prior to 10.3).

In versions bundled with BIG-IP APM 12.1.0-12.1.5 and 11.6.1-, Edge Client for Linux exposes full session ID in the local log files.

In versions 3.0.0-3.4.0, 2.0.0-2.9.0, and 1.0.1, there is insufficient cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protections for the NGINX Controller user interface.

Uncontrolled resource consumption vulnerability in Mitsubishi Electoric FA Engineering Software (CPU Module Logging Configuration Tool Ver. 1.94Y and earlier, CW Configurator Ver. 1.010L and earlier, EM Software Development Kit (EM Configurator) Ver. 1.010L and earlier, GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Ver. 1.221F and earlier, GX LogViewer Ver. 1.96A and earlier, GX Works2 Ver. 1.586L and earlier, GX Works3 ...

Android App 'Mercari' (Japan version) prior to version 3.52.0 allows arbitrary method execution of a Java object by a remote attacker via a Man-In-The-Middle attack by using Java Reflection API of JavaScript code on WebView.

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