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Cacti 1.2.8 allows Remote Code Execution (by privileged users) via shell metacharacters in the Performance Boost Debug Log field of poller_automation.php. OS commands are executed when a new poller cycle begins. The attacker must be authenticated, and must have access to modify the Performance Settings of the product.

UHP UHP-100,, and 3.4.3 devices allow XSS via cB3?ta= (profile title).

UHP UHP-100,, and 3.4.3 devices allow XSS via cw2?td= (Site Name field of the Site Setup section).

Ruckus ZoneFlex R310 devices allow Stored XSS via the SSID field on the Configuration > Radio 2.4G > Wireless X screen (after a successful login to the super account).

Evoko Home 1.31 devices allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information (such as usernames and password hashes) via a WebSocket request, as demonstrated by the sockjs/224/uf1psgff/websocket URI at a wss:// URL.

KMS Controls BAC-A1616BC BACnet devices have a cleartext password of snowman in the BACKDOOR_NAME variable in the BC_Logon.swf file.

An issue was discovered in Simplejobscript.com SJS before 1.65. There is unauthenticated SQL injection via the search engine. The parameter is landing_location. The function is countSearchedJobs(). The file is _lib/class.Job.php.

Evoko Home 1.31 devices provide different error messages for failed login requests depending on whether the username is valid.

An issue was discovered in Gallagher Command Centre 7.x before 7.90.991(MR5), 8.00 before 8.00.1161(MR5), and 8.10 before 8.10.1134(MR4). External system configuration data (used for third party integrations such as DVR systems) were logged in the Command Centre event trail. Any authenticated operator with the 'view events' privilege could see the full configuration, including cleartext usernames ...

tftp.c in libslirp 4.1.0, as used in QEMU 4.2.0, does not prevent ..\ directory traversal on Windows.

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