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An issue was discovered in Rivet Killer Control Center before 2.1.1352. IOCTL 0x120404 in KfeCo10X64.sys fails to validate an offset passed as a parameter during a memory operation, leading to an out-of-bounds read that can be used as part of a chain to escalate privileges (issue 1 of 2).

An issue was discovered in Rivet Killer Control Center before 2.1.1352. IOCTL 0x120004 in KfeCo10X64.sys fails to validate parameters, leading to a stack-based buffer overflow, which can lead to code execution or escalation of privileges.

An issue was discovered in LINBIT csync2 through 2.0. csync_daemon_session in daemon.c neglects to force a failure of a hello command when the configuration requires use of SSL.

ManageEngine_DesktopCentral.exe in Zoho ManageEngine Desktop Central 10 allows HTML injection on the user administration page via the description of a role.

An issue was discovered in iNextrix ASTPP before 4.0.1. web_interface/astpp/application/config/config.php does not have strong random keys, as demonstrated by use of the 8YSDaBtDHAB3EQkxPAyTz2I5DttzA9uR private key and the r)fddEw232f encryption key.

A flaw was found in the way certificate signatures could be forged using collisions found in the SHA-1 algorithm. An attacker could use this weakness to create forged certificate signatures. This issue affects GnuPG versions before 2.2.18.

An XSS vulnerability in qcopd-shortcode-generator.php in the Simple Link Directory plugin before 7.3.5 for WordPress allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML, because esc_html is not called for the "echo get_the_title()" or "echo $term->name" statement.

RainLoop Webmail before 1.13.0 lacks XSS protection mechanisms such as xlink:href validation, the X-XSS-Protection header, and the Content-Security-Policy header.

An issue was discovered on D-Link DAP-1650 devices before 1.04B02_J65H Hot Fix. Attackers can execute arbitrary commands.

The WP Live Chat Support plugin before 8.0.33 for WordPress accepts certain REST API calls without invoking the wplc_api_permission_check protection mechanism.

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