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In wp-includes/comment-template.php in WordPress before 5.4.2, comments from a post or page could sometimes be seen in the latest comments even if the post or page was not public.

Pligg 2.0.3 allows remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary commands because the template editor can edit any file, as demonstrated by an admin/admin_editor.php the_file=..%2Findex.php&open=Open request.

The VPN service in AVAST SecureLine before 5.6.4982.470 allows local users to write to arbitrary files via an Object Manager symbolic link from the log directory (which has weak permissions).

The rbd block device driver in drivers/block/rbd.c in the Linux kernel through 5.8.9 used incomplete permission checking for access to rbd devices, which could be leveraged by local attackers to map or unmap rbd block devices, aka CID-f44d04e696fe.

yWorks yEd Desktop before 3.20.1 allows XXE attacks via an XML or GraphML document.

yWorks yEd Desktop before 3.20.1 allows code execution via an XSL Transformation when using an XML file in conjunction with a custom stylesheet.

A specific router allows changing the Wi-Fi password remotely. Genexis Platinum 4410 V2-1.28, a compact router generally used at homes and offices was found to be vulnerable to Broken Access Control and CSRF which could be combined to remotely change the WIFI access point���s password.

A Persistent Cross-site Scripting vulnerability is found in ElkarBackup v1.3.3, where an attacker can steal the user session cookie using this vulnerability present on Policies >> action >> Name Parameter

FasterXML jackson-databind 2.x before mishandles the interaction between serialization gadgets and typing, related to com.pastdev.httpcomponents.configuration.JndiConfiguration.

A memory corruption vulnerability in Objective Open CBOR Run-time (oocborrt) in versions before 2020-08-12 could allow an attacker to execute code via crafted Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) input to the cbor2json decoder. An uncaught error while decoding CBOR Major Type 3 text strings leads to the use of an attacker-controllable uninitialized stack value. This can be used to modify me ...

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