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Internet Explorer uses Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) data to determine file handling procedures for files received through a Web server. This policy setting determines whether Internet Explorer requires that all file-type information provided by Web servers be consistent. For example, if the MIME type of a file is text/plain but the MIME sniff indicates that the file is really an ex ...

MIME sniffing is the process of examining the content of a MIME file to determine its context - whether it is a data file, an executable file, or some other type of file.

The MK Protocol Security Restriction policy setting reduces attack surface area by blocking the seldom used MK protocol. Some older Web applications use the MK protocol to retrieve information from compressed files.

Internet Explorer places restrictions on each Web page it opens that are dependent upon the location of the Web page (such as Internet zone, Intranet zone, or Local Machine zone).

In certain circumstances, Web sites can initiate file download prompts without interaction from users. This technique can allow Web sites to put unauthorized files on users' hard drives if they click the wrong button and accept the download.

Internet Explorer allows scripts to programmatically open, resize, and reposition various types of windows. Often, disreputable Web sites will resize windows to either hide other windows or force you to interact with a window that contains malicious code.

This policy setting allows the user to enable the SmartScreen Filter, which will warn if the Web site being visited is known for fraudulent attempts to gather personal information through 'phishing,' or is known to host malware.

This policy controls the Web site compatibility lists provided by Microsoft.

Delete Browsing History on exit automatically deletes specified items when the last browser windows closes.

This policy setting prevents users from deleting the history of webs sites the user has visited.

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