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krandrtray from KDE4 is known to have some issues. A patch was added that makes krandrtray open its configuration module when the system tray icon is clicked.

This is a update to version 0.8 making it work fine again.

A bug in codeina could prevent its cache to not be flushed properly on errors, preventing it to work properly if a erronous file was downloaded previously. This package update fixes this issue and increase startup delay to 30s to improve login time.

In Mandriva 2010.0, with Ktimetracker embedded in Kontact, the shortcut to create a new task didn"t work, another bug is that the shortcut ctrl + shift + W would make Kontact crash. This update fixes these issues.

This update fixes several issues with mdkapplet. On 2009.1 PowerPack, mdkonline wrongly set up the 2009.0 restricted media instead of the 2009.1 ones . Mdkapplet checks once a day if a new distribution is availlable. When checking again for updates , mdkapplet forgot to warn about the new distribution. It now remembers that a new distro is availlable . When adding restricted media on PowerPack, on ...

This update fixes a very trivial issue with lspcidrake displaying warnings about some USB devices.

The coreutils package released with Mandriva Linux 2009 makes use of a syscall unavailable in Xen dom0 kernel. Thus, when used on top of that kernel, the provided programs might fail in non-obvious ways. This update fixes that.

There was a problem with inversion in the detection of network cards between the moment when the system is being installed and the state of the installed system. This update solves the problem.

This is a bugfix and maintenance release for squid that upgrades squid to 3.0.STABLE20 and fixes some bugs: An outstanding issue with code 304 and code 200 replies being mixed up has now been resolved. This means requests which need to refresh cache objects will not cause temporary client software failures.

The cron files included in freeradius-web package were syntactically invalid, by lacking mention of the user expected to run the task.

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