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ThinkAdmin v6 is affected by a directory traversal vulnerability. An unauthorized attacker can read arbitrarily file on a remote server via GET request encode parameter.

A heap overflow in Sqreen PyMiniRacer (aka Python Mini Racer) before 0.3.0 allows remote attackers to potentially exploit heap corruption.

GdiDrawHoriLineIAlt in Kingsoft WPS Office before allows remote heap corruption via a crafted PLTE chunk in PNG data within a Word document. This is related to QBrush::setMatrix in gui/painting/qbrush.cpp in Qt 4.x.

Wordpress Plugin Store / AccessPress Themes WP Floating Menu V1.3.0 is affected by: Cross Site Scripting (XSS) via the id GET parameter.

A race condition between hugetlb sysctl handlers in mm/hugetlb.c in the Linux kernel before 5.8.8 could be used by local attackers to corrupt memory, cause a NULL pointer dereference, or possibly have unspecified other impact, aka CID-17743798d812.

In wp-includes/comment-template.php in WordPress before 5.4.2, comments from a post or page could sometimes be seen in the latest comments even if the post or page was not public.

Pligg 2.0.3 allows remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary commands because the template editor can edit any file, as demonstrated by an admin/admin_editor.php the_file=..%2Findex.php&open=Open request.

The VPN service in AVAST SecureLine before 5.6.4982.470 allows local users to write to arbitrary files via an Object Manager symbolic link from the log directory (which has weak permissions).

The rbd block device driver in drivers/block/rbd.c in the Linux kernel through 5.8.9 used incomplete permission checking for access to rbd devices, which could be leveraged by local attackers to map or unmap rbd block devices, aka CID-f44d04e696fe.

yWorks yEd Desktop before 3.20.1 allows XXE attacks via an XML or GraphML document.

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