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libdw in elfutils 0.173 checks the end of the attributes list incorrectly in dwarf_getabbrev in dwarf_getabbrev.c and dwarf_hasattr in dwarf_hasattr.c, leading to a heap-based buffer over-read and an application crash.

libelf/elf_end.c in elfutils 0.173 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (double free and application crash) or possibly have unspecified other impact because it tries to decompress twice.

XRef::fetch in XRef.cc in Xpdf 4.00 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (stack consumption) via a crafted pdf file, related to AcroForm::scanField, as demonstrated by pdftohtml. NOTE: this might overlap CVE-2018-7453.

Remotely observable behaviour in auth-gss2.c in OpenSSH through 7.8 could be used by remote attackers to detect existence of users on a target system when GSS2 is in use. NOTE: the discoverer states 'We understand that the OpenSSH developers do not want to treat such a username enumeration (or "oracle") as a vulnerability.'

Unchecked NULL pointer usage in xkbcommon before 0.8.1 could be used by local attackers to crash (NULL pointer dereference) the xkbcommon parser by supplying a crafted keymap file, because the XkbFile for an xkb_geometry section was mishandled.

In radare2 before 2.9.0, a heap overflow vulnerability exists in the read_module_referenced_functions function in libr/anal/flirt.c via a crafted flirt signature file.

SaltStack Salt before 2017.7.8 and 2018.3.x before 2018.3.3 allow remote attackers to bypass authentication and execute arbitrary commands via salt-api(netapi).

Directory Traversal vulnerability in salt-api in SaltStack Salt before 2017.7.8 and 2018.3.x before 2018.3.3 allows remote attackers to determine which files exist on the server.

A vulnerability in unit_deserialize of systemd allows an attacker to supply arbitrary state across systemd re-execution via NotifyAccess. This can be used to improperly influence systemd execution and possibly lead to root privilege escalation. Affected releases are systemd versions up to and including 239.

In ImageMagick 7.0.8-11 Q16, a tiny input file 0x50 0x36 0x36 0x36 0x36 0x4c 0x36 0x38 0x36 0x36 0x36 0x36 0x36 0x36 0x1f 0x35 0x50 0x00 can result in a hang of several minutes during which CPU and memory resources are consumed until ultimately an attempted large memory allocation fails. Remote attackers could leverage this vulnerability to cause a denial of service via a crafted file.

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