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Windows Firewall: Public: Allow unicast response This option is useful if you need to control whether this computer receives unicast responses to its outgoing multicast or broadcast messages.

Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider Manages software-based volume shadow copies taken by the Volume Shadow Copy service. If this service is stopped, software-based volume shadow copies cannot be managed. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.

Generate security audits This policy setting determines which users or processes can generate audit records in the Security log. When configuring a user right in the SCM enter a comma delimited list of accounts. Accounts can be either local or located in Active Directory, they can be groups, users, or computers.

MSS: (AutoReboot) Allow Windows to automatically restart after a system crash (recommended except for highly secure environments) This entry appears as MSS: (AutoReboot) Allow Windows to automatically restart after a system crash (recommended except for highly secure environments) in the SCE. This entry, when enabled, permits a server to automatically reboot after a fatal crash. It is enabled by ...

Prevent indexing when running on battery power to conserve energy If enabled, the indexer pauses whenever the computer is running on battery. If disabled, the indexing follows the default behavior. Default is disabled.

Hide previous versions list for remote files This policy setting lets you hide the list of previous versions of files that are on file shares. The previous versions come from the on-disk restore points on the file share. If you enable this policy setting, users cannot list or restore previous versions of files on file shares. If you disable this policy setting, users can list and restore pr ...

Turn Off Adaptive Display Timeout (Plugged In) Manages how Windows controls the setting that specifies how long a computer must be inactive before Windows turns off the computer?s display. When this policy is enabled, Windows automatically adjusts the setting based on what users do with their keyboard or mouse to keep the display on. When this policy is disabled, Windows uses the same setting ...

Do not allow encryption on all NTFS volumes Encryption can add to the processing overhead of filesystem operations. Enabling this setting will prevent access to and creation of encrypted files

Disable Windows Error Reporting If this setting is enabled, Windows Error Reporting will not send any problem information to Microsoft. Additionally, solution information will not be available in the Action Center control panel.

Device Install Service Enables a computer to recognize and adapt to hardware changes with little or no user input. Stopping or disabling this service will result in system instability.

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