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Disable Mounting of hfs Filesystems (Not Scored) The hfs filesystem type is a hierarchical filesystem that allows you to mount Mac OS filesystems.

Disable Mounting of hfsplus Filesystems (Not Scored) The hfsplus filesystem type is a hierarchical filesystem designed to replace hfs that allows you to mount Mac OS filesystems.

Disable Mounting of squashfs Filesystems (Not Scored) The squashfs filesystem type is a compressed read-only Linux filesystem embedded in small footprint systems (similar to cramfs). A squashfs image can be used without having to first decompress the image.

Disable Mounting of udf Filesystems (Not Scored) The udf filesystem type is the universal disk format used to implement ISO/IEC 13346 and ECMA-167 specifications. This is an open vendor filesystem type for data storage on a broad range of media. This filesystem type is necessary to support writing DVDs and newer optical disc formats.

Disable Automounting (Scored) autofs allows automatic mounting of devices, typically including CD/DVDs and USB drives.

Set User/Group Owner on bootloader config (Scored) Set the owner and group of your boot loaders config file to the root user. These instructions default to GRUB stored at /boot/grub/grub.cfg.

Set Permissions on bootloader config (Scored) Set permission on the your boot loaders config file to read and write for root only.

Set Boot Loader Password (Scored) Setting the boot loader password will require that anyone rebooting the system must enter a password before being able to set command line boot parameters

Restrict Core Dumps (Scored) A core dump is the memory of an executable program. It is generally used to determine why a program aborted. It can also be used to glean confidential information from a core file. The system provides the ability to set a soft limit for core dumps, but this can be overridden by the user.

Enable Randomized Virtual Memory Region Placement (Scored) Set the system flag to force randomized virtual memory region placement.

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