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Display information about previous logons during user logon This policy setting controls whether or not the system displays information about previous logons and logon failures to the user. For local user accounts and domain user accounts in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 functional level domains, if you enable this setting, a message appears after the user logs on that displays the date and time ...

Allow Applications to Prevent Automatic Sleep (On Battery) Allow applications and services to prevent automatic sleep. If you enable this policy setting, any application, service or device driver may prevent Windows from automatically transitioning to sleep after a period of user inactivity. If you disable this policy setting, applications, services or drivers may not prevent Windows from ...

Turn off background refresh of Group Policy Prevents Group Policy from being updated while the computer is in use. This setting applies to Group Policy for computers, users, and domain controllers. If you enable this setting, the system waits until the current user logs off the system before updating the computer and user settings. If you disable this setting, updates can be applied while users ...

Microsoft network client: Digitally sign communications (if server agrees) This policy setting determines whether the SMB client will attempt to negotiate SMB packet signing. The implementation of digital signing in Windows?based networks helps to prevent sessions from being hijacked. If you enable this policy setting, the Microsoft network client will use signing only if the server with which it ...

Microsoft iSCSI Software Target Enables this computer to serve as an iSCSI target.

Remote Access Management service Logs, monitors, and manages DirectAccess and VPN connections to the server.

Windows Firewall: Domain: Outbound connections This setting determines the behavior for outbound connections that do not match an outbound firewall rule. In Windows Vista, the default behavior is to allow connections unless there are firewall rules that block the connection.

Turn off app notifications on the lock screen This policy setting allows you to prevent app notifications from appearing on the lock screen. If you enable this policy setting, no app notifications are displayed on the lock screen. If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, users can choose which apps display notifications on the lock screen.

Prevent changing lock screen image Prevents users from changing the background image shown when the machine is locked. By default, users can change the background image shown when the machine is locked. If you enable this setting, the user will not be able to change their lock screen image, and they will instead see the image set prior to enabling this setting.

Restrict unpacking and installation of gadgets that are not digitally signed. This policy setting allows you to restrict the installation of unsigned gadgets. Desktop gadgets can be deployed as compressed files, either digitally signed or unsigned. If you enable this setting, gadgets that have not been digitally signed will not be extracted. If you disable or do not configure this setting, bot ...

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