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Enable cron Daemon The cron daemon is used to execute batch jobs on the system.

Collect Successful File System Mounts Monitor the use of the mount system call. The mount (and umount) system call controls the mounting and unmounting of file systems. The parameters below configure the system to create an audit record when the mount system call is used by a non-privileged user

Collect Changes to System Administration Scope (sudoers) "Monitor scope changes for system administrations. If the system has been properly configured to force system administrators to log in as themselves first and then use the sudo command to execute privileged commands, it is possible to monitor changes in scope. The file /etc/sudoers will be written to when the file or its attributes have cha ...

Disable Mounting of udf Filesystems The udf filesystem type is the universal disk format used to implement ISO/IEC 13346 and ECMA-167 specifications. This is an open vendor filesystem type for data storage on a broad range of media. This filesystem type is necessary to support writing DVDs and newer optical disc formats.

Enable RFC-recommended Source Route Validation Setting net.ipv4.conf.all.rp_filter and net.ipv4.conf.default.rp_filter to 1 forces the Linux kernel to utilize reverse path filtering on a received packet to determine if the packet was valid. Essentially, with reverse path filtering, if the return packet does not go out the same interface that the corresponding source packet came from, the packet i ...

Disable Automounting autofs allows automatic mounting of devices, typically including CD/DVDs and USB drives.

Ensure the rsyslog Service is activated Once the rsyslog package is installed it needs to be activated.

Set SSH Protocol to 2 SSH supports two different and incompatible protocols: SSH1 and SSH2. SSH1 was the original protocol and was subject to security issues. SSH2 is more advanced and secure.

Configure Mail Transfer Agent for Local-Only Mode Mail Transfer Agents (MTA), such as sendmail and Postfix, are used to listen for incoming mail and transfer the messages to the appropriate user or mail server. If the system is not intended to be a mail server, it is recommended that the MTA be configured to only process local mail.

Disable Send Packet Redirects ICMP Redirects are used to send routing information to other hosts. As a host itself does not act as a router (in a host only configuration), there is no need to send redirects.

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