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Disable System Accounts There are a number of accounts provided with Ubuntu that are used to manage applications and are not intended to provide an interactive shell.

Keep All Auditing Information Normally, auditd will hold 4 logs of maximum log file size before deleting older log files.

Collect Session Initiation Information "Monitor session initiation events. The parameters in this section track changes to the files associated with session events. The file /var/run/utmp file tracks all currently logged in users. The /var/log/wtmp file tracks logins, logouts, shutdown and reboot events. All audit records will be tagged with the identifier ""session."" The file /var/log/btmp keep ...

Collect Kernel Module Loading and Unloading "Monitor the loading and unloading of kernel modules. The programs insmod (install a kernel module), rmmod (remove a kernel module), and modprobe (a more sophisticated program to load and unload modules, as well as some other features) control loading and unloading of modules. The init_module (load a module) and delete_module (delete a module) system ca ...

Ensure Samba is not enabled The Samba daemon allows system administrators to configure their Linux systems to share file systems and directories with Windows desktops. Samba will advertise the file systems and directories via the Small Message Block (SMB) protocol. Windows desktop users will be able to mount these directories and file systems as letter drives on their systems.

Collect Discretionary Access Control Permission Modification Events "Monitor changes to file permissions, attributes, ownership and group. The parameters in this section track changes for system calls that affect file permissions and attributes. The chmod, fchmod and fchmodat system calls affect the permissions associated with a file. The chown, fchown, fchownat and lchown system calls affect own ...

Ensure rsh client is not installed The rsh package contains the client commands for the rsh services.

Set Idle Timeout Interval for User Login The two options ClientAliveInterval and ClientAliveCountMax control the timeout of ssh sessions. When the ClientAliveInterval variable is set, ssh sessions that have no activity for the specified length of time are terminated. When the ClientAliveCountMax variable is set, sshd will send client alive messages at every ClientAliveInterval interval. When the ...

Verify Permissions on /etc/hosts.allow The /etc/hosts.allow file contains networking information that is used by many applications and therefore must be readable for these applications to operate.

Disable SCTP The Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) is a transport layer protocol used to support message oriented communication, with several streams of messages in one connection. It serves a similar function as TCP and UDP, incorporating features of both. It is message-oriented like UDP, and ensures reliable in-sequence transport of messages with congestion control like TCP.

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