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CVE-2018-8010Date: (C)2018-05-25   (M)2020-02-26

This vulnerability in Apache Solr 6.0.0 to 6.6.3, 7.0.0 to 7.3.0 relates to an XML external entity expansion (XXE) in Solr config files (solrconfig.xml, schema.xml, managed-schema). In addition, Xinclude functionality provided in these config files is also affected in a similar way. The vulnerability can be used as XXE using file/ftp/http protocols in order to read arbitrary local files from the Solr server or the internal network. Users are advised to upgrade to either Solr 6.6.4 or Solr 7.3.1 releases both of which address the vulnerability. Once upgrade is complete, no other steps are required. Those releases only allow external entities and Xincludes that refer to local files / zookeeper resources below the Solr instance directory (using Solr's ResourceLoader); usage of absolute URLs is denied. Keep in mind, that external entities and XInclude are explicitly supported to better structure config files in large installations. Before Solr 6 this was no problem, as config files were not accessible through the APIs.

CVSS Score and Metrics +CVSS Score and Metrics -

CVSS V3 Severity:CVSS V2 Severity:
CVSS Score : 5.5CVSS Score : 2.1
Exploit Score: 1.8Exploit Score: 3.9
Impact Score: 3.6Impact Score: 2.9
CVSS V3 Metrics:CVSS V2 Metrics:
Attack Vector: LOCALAccess Vector: LOCAL
Attack Complexity: LOWAccess Complexity: LOW
Privileges Required: LOWAuthentication: NONE
User Interaction: NONEConfidentiality: PARTIAL
Scope: UNCHANGEDIntegrity: NONE
Confidentiality: HIGHAvailability: NONE
Integrity: NONE 
Availability: NONE 

CWE    1

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