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Apache Guacamole 1.1.0 and older may mishandle pointers involved inprocessing data received via RDP static virtual channels. If a userconnects to a malicious or compromised RDP server, a series ofspecially-crafted PDUs could result in memory corruption, possiblyallowing arbitrary code to be executed with the privileges of therunning guacd process.

SecureAuth.aspx in SecureAuth IdP 9.3.0 suffers from a client-side template injection that allows for script execution, in the same manner as XSS.

HUAWEI Mate 30 with versions earlier than have a type confusion vulnerability. The system does not properly check and transform the type of certain variable, the attacker tricks the user into installing then running a crafted application, successful exploit could cause code execution.

HUAWEI Mate 30 with versions earlier than have a use after free vulnerability. There is a condition exists that the system would reference memory after it has been freed, the attacker should trick the user into running a crafted application with high privilege, successful exploit could cause code execution.

An issue was discovered on Realtek RTL8195AM, RTL8711AM, RTL8711AF, and RTL8710AF devices before 2.0.6. A stack-based buffer overflow exists in the client code that takes care of WPA2's 4-way-handshake via a malformed EAPOL-Key packet with a long keydata buffer.

A vulnerability exists that could allow the execution of unauthorized code or operating system commands on systems running exacqVision Web Service versions and prior and exacqVision Enterprise Manager versions and prior. An attacker with administrative privileges could potentially download and run a malicious executable that could allow OS command injection on the system.

Earlier than HiSuite have a DLL hijacking vulnerability. This vulnerability exists due to some DLL file is loaded by HiSuite improperly. And it allows an attacker to load this DLL file of the attacker's choosing.

HUAWEI P30 with versions earlier than have an improper signature verification vulnerability. The system does not improper check signature of specific software package, an attacker may exploit this vulnerability to load a crafted software package to the device.

The is a code injection vulnerability in versions of Rails prior to 5.0.1 that wouldallow an attacker who controlled the `locals` argument of a `render` call to perform a RCE.

A directory traversal vulnerability exists in rack < 2.2.0 that allows an attacker perform directory traversal vulnerability in the Rack::Directory app that is bundled with Rack which could result in information disclosure.

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