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Iteris Vantage Velocity Field Unit 2.3.1 and 2.4.2 devices have world-writable permissions for the /root/cleardata.pl (executed as root by crond) and /root/loadperl.sh (executed as root at boot time) scripts.

Iteris Vantage Velocity Field Unit 2.4.2 devices have multiple stored XSS issues in all parameters of the Start Data Viewer feature of the /cgi-bin/loaddata.py script.

Iteris Vantage Velocity Field Unit 2.3.1, 2.4.2, and 3.0 devices allow the injection of OS commands into cgi-bin/timeconfig.py via shell metacharacters in the NTP Server field.

An issue was discovered on Xirrus XR520, XR620, XR2436, and XH2-120 devices. The cgi-bin/ViewPage.cgi user parameter allows XSS.

Iteris Vantage Velocity Field Unit 2.3.1 and 2.4.2 devices have two users that are not documented and are configured with weak passwords (User bluetooth, password bluetooth; User eclipse, password eclipse). Also, bluetooth is the root password.

The Popup Builder plugin 2.2.8 through for WordPress is vulnerable to SQL injection (in the sgImportPopups function in sg_popup_ajax.php) via PHP Deserialization on attacker-controlled data with the attachmentUrl POST variable. This allows creation of an arbitrary WordPress Administrator account, leading to possible Remote Code Execution because Administrators can run PHP code on Wordpress ...

JYaml through 1.3 allows remote code execution during deserialization of a malicious payload through the load() function. NOTE: this is a discontinued product.

Previously, Puppet operated on a model that a node with a valid certificate was entitled to all information in the system and that a compromised certificate allowed access to everything in the infrastructure. When a node's catalog falls back to the `default` node, the catalog can be retrieved for a different node by modifying facts for the Puppet run. This issue can be mitigated by setting `strict ...

A flaw was found in mod_auth_openidc before version 2.4.1. An open redirect issue exists in URLs with a slash and backslash at the beginning.

An issue was discovered in Zoho ManageEngine Remote Access Plus 10.0.447. The service to test the mail-server configuration suffers from an authorization issue allowing a user with the Guest role (read-only access) to use and abuse it. One of the abuses allows performing network and port scan operations of the localhost or the hosts on the same network segment, aka SSRF.

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